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My #bookreview of HERO FOR HIRE (Book One - Eno the Thracian by C.B. Pratt

This is the first book I’ve read by C.B. Pratt and I’m glad I did.  She did a wonderful job spinning a fanciful, adventurous tale.  It was refreshing to read a book without any foul language, and sex.  The book was well-written, and fit the time-frame for the story.  It’s full of references to the Greek Gods of old, and I could tell Pratt did a lot of extensive research. 

The story pulled me in from the beginning, and I loved following Eno’s character as he went from one situation into another, each one a tad worse than the first.  All he wanted was to collect enough money so he could marry a women he only caught a glimpse of.  But the God’s were against him, and the next thing he knows, he’s fighting for his life in the Underworld.  The action scenes are intense, and I found myself holding my breath, especially in the underwater battle with Eurytos.

Phandros was a fun counterpart to Eno’s personality.  All hero’s must have their sidekicks, and Phandros fit that role very well.  There were enough questions left at the end of the story to make me want to read more about Eno.  Who was his father, man or God?  And why must he go East? 

If you love a fantasy adventure with Greek Gods and mythical creatures, than you need to read this series.  I give it my 4 feathers.