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Thicker Than Blood: Book 2 of Angel's Guardian series - Zeecé Lugo

This is the second book in the Angel’s Guardian series.  I’d been waiting for this installment with much anticipation, and I wasn’t disappointed.  I loved Angel and Max in the first book.  Who doesn’t love a good Beauty and the Beast story?  But this one went above and beyond.

At the end of book one, Max was being forced to return home and reclaim his role as King of the Vamps.  A role he has run from for decades.  With Angel and her children at his side, he goes to face his family.  Part of his family loves him and want him to take his rightful place. The other half want him dead so his Uncle, the Regent, can pass the throne onto his own son, Toma.  But Toma has plans of his own which ends up endangering everyone he loves.

Two minor human characters from the first book, Jonathan the lawyer and Devian Harris the Mercenary, return for bigger roles. I adore what Zeece did with their characters. Every vamp book I’ve ever read was about humans falling for vamps. What if it was the other way around? Devian may be ugly as sin, but he is a man’s man.  *swoon*

Once again, Zeece shows us how talented she is at developing her characters.  They spring off the pages, full of life and emotions.  Her books are never a dull read.  At least not for me.

This story is chock full of action, intrigue, treachery, and heartbreak. And I can’t wait for the next one. If you’re looking for a different vampire book, look no further. I give it 5 vampires.