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My #bookreview of Tribes Of Decay: A Zombie Novel (The Decaying World Saga Book 1) by Michael W Garza

I just want to say right off the bat, I’m not into zombies.  To me, zombie books are boring,  How many ways can you read a fight scene with zombies?  They eventually all sound the same.  I just can’t understand people’s fascination with them, but I had previously readThe Hand That Feeds by Garza, which I enjoyed, so I was hoping for another entertaining story.

What I was hoping for was a storyline, other than just fighting off zombie.  I’ve never seen the Waling Dead, but their fans tell me it’s the story of the different characters that keeps them involved.  And I have to say, this book is the same way.  It drew me in from the start.  I came to empathize with Rowan and Mia as they not only had to combat the zombies, but her father, and tribe, as well.  As they rushed across the landscape, trying to escape the horde of undead and infected, I read faster and faster.  I wanted to know what happened next.  I was really getting into the book, as Jacob and Mia started realizing there was more to Connor and the Canaan compound than they thought.  Then, it all came to a screeching halt. 

(Spoiler Alert)  What killed it for me is I found several plot holes that almost made me quit reading the book.  If I wasn’t already invested in the characters, I would’ve.  The first red flag was when Rowan is trying to find a way out of the compound, pushing zombie boy in front of him with his pole & leash.  Suddenly, Mia shows up.  Rowan and Mia hug, and now zombie-boy is gone.  The same one Hinu told them they needed to keep as he’s patient zero.  No mention was every made of him again.  Why was he so important, but then just written off?

The second red flag, when Himu had his hand nearly shot off, but yet, he doesn’t bleed to death, and he’s able to climb a rope, and a ladder.  Really?  And the same for Connor.  He falls off a platform, we know his knee is broken as it’s bent the wrong way, yet several chapters later, there he is walking with a splint.  There is just no way.  I’ve had a blown out knee.  I know how painful and impossible it is to walk on one, let alone broken.

There were too many other smaller instances that felt contrived, just to make the story.  If Garza had used some beta readers, or an editor, these issues would have been resolved before publication.  And all the proofreading errors would’ve been corrected too.

If you’re into the Walking Dead, and love zombies, you’ll probably enjoy this story.  Just be prepared to eat a lot of salt.  For me, I was disappointed how it turned out, so I give it 3 feathers.