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An enjoyable historical thriller

Sunshine Spirit - Barbara Willis

I have a penchant for reading mainly fantasy/sci-fi books, so it was enjoyable to be swept away with a well-written historical romance/thriller.  We start off in London during the Nazis Blitz.  Ms. Willis did a superb job showing us the terrible life Londoner’s faced on a nightly basis, waiting for death to drop on their doorsteps.

We start with a young woman, Jane, and the dangers she faces.  Not only from the nightly bombs, but from people who she thought she knew reasonably well.  Jane meets Will, a handsome and dashing actor.  A romance blooms between them, but little do they know Will is being used for nefarious reasons.  Who can they trust?

Unlike action-packed thriller plots, this one moves along, slowing drawing us into Jane and Will’s lives.  There were a few times I thought the prose a little wordy and redundant, but it also takes place during a slower paced lifestyle.  As with all good stories, I felt happiness, fear, uncertainty, and sadness. 

The ending is a bit strange and takes you into the fantasy/sci-fi genre.   Even now, several weeks after reading the book, I’m still not sure how I feel about the ending.

If you’re looking for a good historical/romance/thriller, I recommend this book.  I give it 4 feathers.