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5 Star Book Review of TALLY by J.M. Northup.

TALLY: A Polyamorous Romance - J.M. Northup

There has been such a shift in our culture and society about what constitutes a family unit.  I grew up in the era of mother, father, and children.  There could be no other way.  It was morally wrong.  For me, it had nothing to do with religion, just the way I was brought up.

Sure, gay and lesbians have been around since before man started walking.  Humans, after all, are very sexual animals.  But, still, they shouldn’t be allowed to raise our children. 

Reading Tally has helped open my eyes to some of the dilemmas same-sex relationships face, the restrictions regarding marriage and children.  It’s incredible the archaic laws that are still on the books.  Society changes but our laws don’t.  Doesn’t make much sense. 

Anyway, this story goes one step further by talking about tri-parenting and the legal ramifications.  I don’t mean for my review to be preachy, and the book isn’t either, merely stating an observation from a slightly more closed-minded perspective.

As for the story itself, Northup has risen to her same level of storytelling.  Her characters are richly detailed and believable.  The doubt and fears are very evident in Tally, Lex, and Kode.  My favorite scenes are between Lex and Jazz.  I’m not sure if I could abide a friend like Jazz, but she would be interesting to have around.  LOL.

If you’re not offended by same-sex or bisexual relationships and love an HEA, you will need to read Tally.  Highly recommend, and I give it 5 feathers.